How to make an online report

You can make an online report by completing the online reporting form.

If you choose to make an online report, first you will need to complete your contact details, or choose the anonymous option.

(Please note that if you do not provide us with any contact details, then we are unable to contact you to confirm receipt of your report. Also, neither the University nor any appointed investigator or service provider will be able to discuss the report with you or tell you about its progress.)

You can then enter all other information that you wish to provide about any inappropriate behaviour, and any other relevant additional information. We cannot provide guidance on completing the report.

Upload any relevant documents. The more detailed your information, the better the University will be able to respond to your report.

When you have completed the form, press ‘submit’ to send your report. If you have provided a valid email address, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your report and including your reference number. Please record the reference number and store it safely. This reference number will enable you to follow up on your report later, if you wish.

How to make a telephone report

Within Australia, you can make a telephone report by calling 1800 MULine (1800 685 463) during business hours (Monday to Friday excluding gazetted public holidays between 9.00am – 5.30pm, AEST). You will be connected with a professionally trained operator, who will ask you for details about your concerns. They will ask you the same questions as those set out in the online form (described above).

If you are making your report via our telephone service, we can provide an interpreter if required. We will need some notice to arrange an interpreter, so please call us and advise you need an interpreter and we will then organise a time to take your report.

We will only include the telephone number you are calling from in the report if you agree that we can do so. We will not ‘trace’ the call or use any other means to discover what telephone number you called from. Your call is not recorded.

Once you have finished making your telephone report, you will receive a reference number. Please record the reference number and store it safely. This reference number will enable you to follow up on your report later, if you wish.

Learn more about the information you should include in your report, and what happens to your report after you contact the Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour Line.

Frequently Asked Questions

The service cannot provide you with assistance in drafting your report (for example, what information you should include, or whether you should choose to remain anonymous). Your line manager, a HR representative or a senior manager at the University may be able to assist you.

See information you need to provide.

Yes. The University will decide whether or not to take action on your report. Please note that making repeated reports to this service about the same issue is unlikely to lead to a different outcome.
Yes. Please notify the Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour Line via our telephone report line or via email if you wish to make changes or additions. You will need your reference number.
We will advise the University if you indicate to us by phone or email that you wish to withdraw your report. However, it is up to the University how they will respond to your request. Depending on the nature of the things you have reported, the University may decide to continue with an investigation. In some cases, the University may decide that it is legally bound to continue to respond to the report once it has been made aware of certain types of behaviour.