The information to include in your report

Your report should include as much key factual information as possible about your concern. If you can, please tell us:

  • Who was involved
  • The name of any witnesses
  • What happened, when and where
  • How many times it happened
  • Why you believe the behaviour was inappropriate
  • Any relevant documentation or images

The more detailed your information, the better the University will be able to respond to your report.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can upload electronic files that relate to your report. Using the online form, you can upload most common file formats, including Word documents, PDF files and JPEG images. You can also send us ‘screen shots’ of text messages or other mobile phone information, copies of emails and other evidence. If you are making a report via telephone, the operator will explain how you can provide documents and other evidence.
No. The University will still consider the information you provide and decide how to respond.
Yes. It will however be easier for the University to respond if you identify whom you believe may have been involved.